The History of the CMIS Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions,
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 2007 to the expiration of HAMP





CMIS History of Success: CMIS was established by Rich Rydstrom and Wil Leroy (CEO AFN) with the general counsel of Dickstein Shapiro (DC),  to help reconcile disparate interest to resolve the Great Recession. Rydstrom was the Chairman of CMIS creating solutions and best practices for HAMP, foreclosure and related banking standards, and safe harbors. Rydstrom’s 110th Congressional Statement was termed the Bible for solutions to the Great Recession.  CMIS DC General Counsel was DICKSTEINShapiro; K Street, D.C.



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   CMIS General Counsel K Street

CMIS Mission: CMIS History; Some Interviews & Articles:
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Rich Ivar Rydstrom Congressional Statement US Govt GPO 110th House Ways Means Committee

Rydstrom Esq Landmark Ca Case HAMP & Unfair Trade Practices West v. JP Morgan Chase;

Rydstrom, Chairman of CMIS on Shadow Banking ;  Rydstrom creates Shadow Banking and Covered Bond Guidance

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List of Articles & Links to Rydstrom CMIS Articles, Quotes & Interviews in National Banking Press


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The Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions (CMIS) provides a unique forum in which leaders from across the mortgage and finance industries can work together and take a leading role in defining meaningful and viable solutions for the welfare and benefit of their industries, the economy, and the consumer.  The Coalition seeks to convert all related industry and consumer diverse and conflicting self-interests into comprehensive workable solutions, legislative and regulatory initiatives.  The Coalition also acts as an arbiter for conflicting self interests. For more information, go to


“We are in historic times. This year has proven that change is the only certainty. Changes ... are numerous, systemic and of philosophical and structural significance. The many changes to date are simply a prelude to the number and scope of changes that are coming. We will continue to see changes in government and propreietary ...programs...”  “Ultimately our children and grandchildren will sit back and ask, why did they punish the weak, and reward the strong – when they could have strengthened the weak and strengthened the strong at the same time?” Mr. Rydstrom speaking to the new mortgage modification industry while in a state of crisis back in 2006 and 2009.





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Endorsements of OC California Attorney Rich Rydstrom

Resume Biography

    Richard Ivar Rydstrom, Chairman CMIS, California Attorney at Law, J.D. Law, Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting; Over 27 Years Transactions, Asset Protection, Business & Real Estate Litigation Serving Newport Beach, San Diego, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley
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Short Bio Chairman, Rich Rydstrom, Esq.:

Richard Rydstrom, Esq. was Chairman of CMIS Mortgage Coalition reconciling diverse disparate interests of the banks and the consumer borrowers in developing neutral solutions to the Great Recession of 2007, including the HAMP mortgage modification program with the U.S. Treasury and the foreclosure and consumer interest groups.  When the 110th Congress wanted a neutral analysis and congressional statement regarding the problems and solutions of the pre Great Recession, they chose Mr. Rydstrom. When the banks and consumer groups wanted a formal explanation and speech regarding the first HAMP Mortgage Modification Program outline from President Obama and the U.S. Treasury, they chose Mr. Rydstrom. Mr. Rydstrom also served as a settlement officer for all California Superior Courts in Los Angeles. Richard is also a member of the Mediator Registry created when Los Angeles lost its funding to settle lawsuits in its VSO Progam. “I was very impressed with your preparation, tenacity, and skill ... I learned how to fine tune my ADR skills by virtue of watching you in action...” Peer Endorsement as ADR Officer


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