The History of the CMIS Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions,
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CMIS History of Success: CMIS was established by Rich Rydstrom and Wil Leroy (CEO AFN) with the general counsel of Dickstein Shapiro (DC),  to help reconcile disparate interest to resolve the Great Recession. Rydstrom was the Chairman of CMIS creating solutions and best practices for HAMP, foreclosure and related banking standards, and safe harbors. Rydstrom’s 110th Congressional Statement was termed the Bible for solutions to the Great Recession.  CMIS DC General Counsel was DICKSTEINShapiro; K Street, D.C.



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   CMIS General Counsel K Street

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CMIS Launches Four Task Forces
Posted by Mortgage Orb Staff -Press June 19, 2008

As part of the continuing efforts of the Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions (CMIS), the Consumer, Industry and Government Solutions Task Force (CIG TASK FORCE) is convening four initial task forces to explore critical issues and potential solutions facing the mortgage industry. The purposes of the task forces are to identify critical issues and mark them with time urgencies, identify working group members, and develop an issues repository and a conflicting-issues report, with observations of potential solutions.

The following task forces have been formed:

Consumers & Homeowners Task Force “ David M. Dworkin, CEO and founder of Affiniti Network Strategies, will chair this initiative. This task force will focus on consumer- and homeowner-related issues with respect to preserving neighborhoods and the American Dream of homeownership.

Comprehensive Legal Authorities & Practices Task Force (CLAPT)  William M. LeRoy, CEO of American Legal & Financial Network (AFN), is the chair of this AFN task force. The AFN has chosen Richard Ivar Rydstrom, chair of CMIS, to co-chair its CLAPT, which will focus upon identifying federal, state, local and practice barriers to cooperation and reconciliation of conflicting consumer, industry, governmental and regulatory authorities and practices seeking to respond to the housing crisis. The CLPAT will also work to develop more uniform approaches and solutions.

Fraud Task Force  Amy Hugo, founding partner Great Elm Solutions, will chair this initiative. This task force will focus on the important role of fraud detection, prevention, enforcement and its solutions.

Litigation & Insurance Task Force “ Richard Ivar Rydstrom will chair this task force. This task force will focus on the exposure, protections and solutions to litigation, investigation, insurance and its concomitant risks. This task force will convene a special Insurance Litigation & Coverage Task Force that will explore litigation and insurance coverage risks attendant in the mortgage industry with special attention to buyback and repurchase issues.

Source: Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions

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